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You each have had experiences that changed the way you view the world

You each have had experiences that changed the way you view the world. In this essay I want you to tell me about one event that occurred within a twenty-four hour period that changed your life. I want to experience this event as you experienced it so walk me through it step-by-step. A successful essay will use a combination of the techniques described in Chapter 2 ofThe St. Martin’s Guide to Writing such as representations of conversations active verbs to move the essay along strong specific details and strong story-telling to create a world in which the reader feels what you intend the reader to feel. I also expect to see your world-view changed in some way by the end of the essay.This essay must be at least three pages long be set in double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins and your name my name and your course must appear in the top left-hand margin on the first page only. All subsequent pages must be noted with your last name and all pages must be numbered.i did brain storm and that what you going to use1-what I did after graduation2-going to usa or stay in usa3- what major is the best4- no one help me choosing my major because I’m the oldest brother.5- I decide to came to us6- I Need money7- I should get loan from my bank8- finally I booked a flight to us9- in the 9th of May 201410- I’m in Oklahoma to study English11- I tried to eat halal meat only12- after 8 months I got scholarship13 – I like USA more than my country14- my family wants me.15- I can’t live alone I need a roommate.16- I tried to cook17- Im finally 21 years18- wait I can’t drink because I’m Muslim19- every one knows me here thought that I’m Indian.20- I just want to take a test from school21- my dad refuses22- as always23- it’s time to focus on my future24- the 24th of August 2016 at 9 am was my first class25- software engineering26- Missouri Kansas city27- Avila university28- I moved from North Carolina to here29 – I was in NC to study also English30- I got 6 out of 9 in English test31- my father starred to feel proud of me32- my mom wants me to be near to her and wants me to go back but I told her that i have to stay here to be an engineer.33- I love math but I hate graphing34- my first English class was with Alison coupland in fall 201635- my second class is with her also in summer 201736-Ramadan is a rough month for me.37- this is my first time that I fast out of my country38- again it’s so hard39- I got a puppy40- she was 27 days old41 – her name is Aria42- it’s my first time that I raise a dog and I love it.43- I hate computers44- I bought my first car45- I bought my first motorcycle46- I want my mom and dad to came here and see me how I’m trying my best to keep them proud.47- I cry every time I feel bad because it’s give me relive.48- I want to try wine just to feel relax49- I travel a lot in usa50- half way to graduate51- I got 3 F’ s and 3 A’s Last semester52- number 51 to show you how my I’m sooo unlucky53- I have 5 brother and 2 sisters54- I’m the oldest that’s why my mom wants me back.55- I quit smoking in 201556- my father is a smoker57- Las Vegas is my dream city that I want to visit58- I used to have blackberry59- don’t believe everything you read60- 100 detail is a lot61- I met my wife in Oklahoma62 – my supervisor was Ron Meclery63- he did my first assignment for me64- I worked with Walmart for 6 months65- my first semester was the best semester for me.66- every day I ask myself m I going to graduate?67- most likely I’m going to68- my first friend that I met here is my bff right now69- in fall 2016 I saw snow for first time70- while I’m doing the 100 details I remember my first semester in Avila.71- I’m really sorry mom72- I call my family ones a week73- I used to call them every day.74- mosa is my roommate75- I thought he is gay person76- I did not know what gay means.77- when I came to us I did not know how to read and right my name78- after 3 months only I learn a lot .79- I start to watch movies (thank you Netflix)80- I spent over 125000$ so far81- are you really going to read all of that?82- it’s a hard life in here but it’s made me strong man.83- I’m going back to my country for a small vacation.84- I start to eat meet85- my brother graduate from high school86- I love reading in English not in Arabic.87- I love hacking computers but my major wants me to be a costumer service person.88- some day I’ll hack Google.89- I feed my dog every day 3 times90- I wanted to be a safety engineer but I did not got chance.91- my apartment got stolen in 23rd of Nov 201692- unfortunately my birthday is in 16th of Nov93- the weather in here is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.94- my favorite book is holes95- I just want to finish school and go back to my country just to back to my old routine.96- one fact about me that I haven’t been sick since I came to usa.97- I hate American music.98- I love Arabic music.99- Im taking 9 credit this semester just to prove to my father that I can do it.100- Im taking 2 classes of math and English101- I hair this number in a lot of songs and I dont know what its mean.

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