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You are only allowed to select one single topic below and to condense

You are only allowed to select one single topic below and to condense what you find out into a small report of around 500 words. Include a list of references showing where you found this information (not part of the word count). (7 marks) You then need to try to apply your understanding to your own program, making changes by writing additional material to illustrate that you understand(8 marks). You need to clearly identify what changes you have made and why those changes were necessary.(5 marks). 1. Using Graphical User Interfaces – Good Practice. What guidelines can you find about good use of colour, Text and Positioning in a GUI. Try to look at a number of sources. Keywords: GUI, color colour, Text, Positioning, good practice, Assistive technologies. start at: 2.[harder] Persistence in Python. Using a database: How are values stored to databases using python? If you decide to use this option, a program is available to change your own data into appropriate sql ‘insert’ statements for mysql or SQLlite (attached). You might alternatively look at Pickle and Shelve in Python. 3. Developing test schedules:- how do you know a system works? – developing automated tests. (look at for example). What kinds of testing are there? 4. Writing requirements and specifications: What is normally included in the requirements for a system? Your own program for instance is analysing the contents of a data file, but what is the correct way to write the requirements and specifications? 5. Using version control systems such as Git.