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Write a sequel to Geek Love

Write a sequel to Geek Love that includes what Miranda does after the novel ends. In your story, include one major character from “Rappaccini’s Daughter” and one major character from The Ecstatic. For topics 1 and 2: Use the introduction of your essay to engage your reader’s interest in a problem, claim, or question that you would like to address, and follow up with an arguable thesis claim. Show your reader what makes your research question and your thesis claim both significant and interesting. The body of your essay should be your own argument in support of your thesis claim made as persuasive as possible through appropriate analysis, including effective use of evidence from the primary sources and at least three outside, scholarly sources (these sources must be peer-reviewed works of literary criticism from academic journals). For topic 3: Be creative and let your imagination and your understanding of the writers and characters be your guide. Remember to incorporate significant and pertinent research that augments your paper. Pulling in historical information about carnival life or the people who worked in side shows, for example, might be both significant and pertinent. This paper, while creative, should demonstrate your understanding of the assigned texts and your ability to do research and to write well. You will need to include at least three outside, scholarly sources, and at least two of these outside sources need to be peer-reviewed literary criticism essays from academic journals. For all papers: Your papers (approximately five to eight typed, double-spaced and numbered pages, or 1500-2000 words, not including the Works Cited section and long quotations bibliography) will be graded on content, form, style, and grammar. You must use the required number of sources listed above, and you should cite your sources and compile your bibliography according to MLA style. All drafts and final papers will be checked for plagiarism.