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Which of the following is something a labor relations management consultant

11. Which of the following is something a labor relations management consultant would be hired to do?Hire and train new managers.Break up union organization.Design and present the employers response during a formal union organizing campaign.Help redesign the floorplan and layout of a production facility to ensure employee safety.12. The main difference between mediators and arbitrators is that arbitrators:Make final and binding decisions on disputed issues.Assist employees in resolving differences with managementAre paid to organize union campaigns.Do not possess any legal binding authority.13. Which of the following could not be described as a basic consumption underlying U. S. laborrelations?A free enterprise (capitalist) economic system creates an inherent conflict of interest betweenemployers and employees.Collective bargaining provides a process for meaningful employee participation throughindependently chosen representatives in the determination of work rulesEmployees in a free and democratic society have a right to independently pursue theiremployment interests using lawful means.Unions are an absolute necessity for the protection of employees rights and concerns in a freeenterprise (capitalist) economic system.14. Union officials seek to enhance public opinion in the following ways except:Forming alliances with various groups in the community. Calling for a labor strike.Getting organized labors positive message out to the community.Monitoring and reacting to negative comments made in the media.15. ___________ is the element in the labor process which is the focal point of labor relations.The key participants in the processThe constraints or influences affecting the parties involved in negotiation and administration ofwork rulesThe negotiation and administration of work rulesThe recognition of the legitimate rights and responsibilities of union and managementrepresentatives16.____________ are the key participants in the labor relations process usually elected torepresent employees interests.Management consultantsManagersCEOsUnion representatives17. ____________ is the constraint or influence usually referred to by indicating movementamong such quantitative indicators as inflation, unemployment, and productivity.The state of the economyPublic opinionThe labor market The product market18. The most immediate and persistent influence on the creation of work rules of a particularworkplace is:OutsourcingTechnologyGovernmentStockholders19. An individual classified as a discouraged worker is one who:Does not get along with fellow employeesDoes not like the bossesGives up searching for a jobIs constantly tardy

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