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What is your role as a litigation paralegal? Is your allegiance

What is your role as a litigation paralegal? Is your allegiance to the client, your attorney, both, or neither? What are your ethical obligations to the legal process? Further, review the scenario below and answer the following questions.

A client, John, telephones to inform you that he did not give a notice of an insurance claim within the time stipulated in his insurance policy, as a condition of insurance coverage. He seeks your advice, as the case litigation paralegal, about backdating a letter to the insurance carrier for his file so that he can claim that he had sent the letter on time.

Will you discuss this matter with the litigation partner with whom you work, or will you make an independent judgment? How involved is the paralegal in the litigation process during an entire case from inception through trial? Discuss the manner in which a litigation paralegal participates in the litigation process.

Justify your ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from Westlaw (including primary sources such as cases, statutes, rules, and regulations), government websites, and peer-reviewed legal periodicals (not lawyer blogs), which can be supplemented by law dictionaries or the textbook. This means you need to use more than just your text and legal dictionaries.

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