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What is a Crisis? Can we Manage a crisis? Can we forecast a crisis

1. “What is a Crisis? Can we Manage a crisis? Can we forecast a crisis? What methods can we take in order to minimize or avoid all possible costs? Can we manage a crisis? 2. How Successfully Reflect and critically analyze one single recent case, the steps of crisis, the lessons learned and recommendations. Provide evidence, references of the recent crisis.( do not take an example about North Korea and migration to Europe crisis) Considering the Class of Crisis Management and Communication to this point, you are to prepare a “complete paper” providing an answer through argumentation and statements, description, analysis and for those that wish a for the extra mark a comparative approach on an ONGOING current crisis happening, or developing You are requested to complete structured paper. The following elements should be included: a. It should include clear structure b. Statements and arguments c. Methodology and research orientation (quantitative basically research) that you will use -refer-solely, use your methodological skills inside the paper d. Main description and analysis e. First outcomes of each section from analysis f. Clear chapters if you need to create chapters. g. Clear English Grammar and Syntax. Small sentences h. Properly cited(referenced sentences) i. Clarity in your argument, make sure that the paper is easily readable j. Your subject should be very specific not general and should be current subject. Not past or historical. k. References should be in the Chicago style of references l. A clear proposal chapter. With descent proposals that come forth after the analysis m. Clear conclusion with the overview of the reasoning, statement and lessons learned. n. Way forward this time? (open door policy) Chicago style use as both references and citations (quotes).

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