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What do you think is the best description of the scientific method

Paper details: 1. What do you think is the best description of the scientific method? 2. Are there other process that contribute to scientific understanding? explain. 3. Give an example of a qualitative observation and then a quantitative observation. 4. Which is a better observation and why? a. The solid melted after slow heating b. After heating at 100 C the solid melted c. After heating at 100 C for 3 minutes the solid was completely melted. 5. which of the following is a better example of a hypothesis why? a. What factors affect the rate at which a cut apple browns? b. The warmer the temperature, the faster a cut apple will brown. 6. provide another example of a hypothesis related to the browning of fruit then briefly describe an experiment to test your hypothesis 7. In an experiment you should ” isolate one factor at a time to determine which of the many variables influences the outcome.” In the experiment you describe related to browning of fruit, list several variables you would want to make sure stayed the same while another was changed. 8. Describe the difference between a scientific law and a scientific theory. 9. Give an example of a scientific law and an example of a scientific theory.

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