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WEEK 1: EXPLORING FACTORS AND FACTORING TRINOMIALS109109 unread replies.162162 replies.We start the week by looking at the concept of Greatest Common Factor (GCF). We will then move on to factoring trinomials. For your first post create a video or VoiceThread (make sure you have a supporting PowerPoint) that begins with an explanation of the concept of GCF illustrated clearly by an example. In the next part of this post explain how to factor a trinomial you have chosen, clearly explaining the steps and the math involved. You can find examples to solve in your textbook or on the Internet.For your next two posts review and comment on at least two other videos or VoiceThreads. You may use any technology you prefer (text only, text with images, video, VoiceThread response, narrated PowerPoint slide, etc.) to compose these review comments.