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(True or False) State whether the following are

(True or False) State whether the following are true or false. If the answer is false explain why. a) The stream member function flags with a long argument sets the flags state variable to its argument and returns its previous value. b) The stream insertion operator < and= the= stream= extraction= operator= >> are overloaded to handle all standard data typesincluding strings and memory addresses (stream insertion only)and all user-defined data types. c) The stream member function flags with no arguments resets the streams format state. d) The stream extraction operator >> can be overloaded with an operator function that takes an istream reference and a reference to a user-defined type as arguments and returns an istream reference. e) The stream insertion operator < can= be= overloaded= with= an= operator= function= that= takes= an= istream= reference= and= a= reference= to= a= user-defined= type= as= arguments= and= returns= an= istream= reference.= > f) Input with the stream extraction operator >> always skips leading white-space characters in the input stream by default. g) The stream member function rdstate returns the current state of the stream. h) The cout stream normally is connected to the display screen. i) The stream member function good returns true if the bad fail and eof member functions all return false. j) The cin stream normally is connected to the display screen. k) If a non recoverable error occurs during a stream operation the bad member function will return true. l) Output to cerr is unbuffered and output to clog is buffered. m) Stream manipulator show point forces floating-point values to print with the default six digits of precision unless the precision value has been changed in which case floating point values print with the specified precision. n) The ostream member function put outputs the specified number of characters. o) The stream manipulators dec oct and hex affect only the next integer output operation.

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