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TRAINING DAYToday you are the trainer

TRAINING DAYToday you are the trainer, or the leader of a training program. You have a plan, a training model that will help your learner(s) become knowledgeable and experienced in the course of your method. Perhaps you’ve already taught someone how to do something in what would be considered a training model, however short and simple. If you’ve shown someone how to do something, and helped him become proficient at it, you’ve been a trainer.In this project, you can imagine training anyone to do anything, quickly or over the course of a program, if you want to elaborate. Use what you know of training pedagogy and andragogy, of learning areas, procedures, sequences, learning theories, and styles. Imagine a situation and your trainee, and create the way you will help the trainee learn and feel positive about the experience.Then, tell us what you would do and how you’d do it. You can create a visual presentation, a syllabus or schedule of training, or a written report that details what you would do in a narrative style. It’s probably a good idea to keep it simple: choose a fairly simple ability, task, or job to learn. Do some research on training in that area to help you organize your ideas. Be sure to include:The subject of the trainingDescription of the learnerEnvironment(s) and strategyEquipment being learnedSafety considerationsPedagogy (your methods of teaching, learning theories)Sequence of your training (curriculum)How you help your trainee have a positive experienceHow you evaluate when the trainee has completed trainingGoals (what the trainee needs to learn to be successful)What you learned in this simulated role-playing exercise about training models