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Three suitable route/aircraft combinations (based on Emirates’ current schedule)

Select three suitable route/aircraft combinations (based on Emirates’ current schedule) that you believe will benefit from and justify a Premium Economy service from the airline’s and passenger’s viewpoint (Bangkok BKK, Germany MUC, London LHR) Select a section of the cabin (current layout) that would be suitable for Premium economy taking into account passenger access to onboard amenities such as toilets, bassinet seats, galleys, coat storage etc. as they are currently positioned on the aircraft Select the type of seat and service the new Premium economy will require Install the new seating arrangement into your aircraft   Research current ticket prices prevalent for popular economy class tickets on the routes selected Calculate the ticket prices (Market pricing) that would be required for Premium economy in order to generate the same revenue (and cover the additional costs) as that generated by a standard economy configuration in the same aircraft space.   Findings and conclusion Summarise your findings and decide whether or not Premium economy is feasible for Emirates based on your findings. Justify your decision