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This week we are going to focus on the public

This week we are going to focus on the public relations side of the ReVive Brand Campaign. Determine objectives and describe how you would employ public relations tools to help you launch your revitalization campaign.What are the key problems that might be addressed through public relations?What are you objectives for a PR effort?Compile a list of key stakeholders and key relationships. Decide who are your key target audiences for this PR effort.What is your BIG IDEA for this PR effort?Build your list of PR tools that would be appropriate to use in this situation. (Review Chapter 15).How would you measure the effectiveness of this effort?This week the assignment will be done through Power Point. Create a Power Point slide presentation to explain your ideas, the presentation should be no more than 5 slides.Although this is a Power Point instead of a paper, please still follow the APAformat and include a reference slide in your presentation.please make sure the brand company name is A& W restaurant.

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