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This paper must have a thesis statement,in-text citations, footnote

This paper must have a thesis statement,in-text citations,footnote or endnotes. Should be written in Chicago MLA style. It should consists of 5-7 pages double spacing1 in margins, times roman, and 12 font must have bib and at least three commentaries no easy then 1960. One must be Roman Catholic and the Protestant. The paper is on Mark 12:28-34 The First Commandment. I need 5-7 resources ex. textbooks,journals, and videos. All resources should be in alphabetic order by author’s or editor’s las name, The report must be 5-7 pages excluding the title page and work cited age. May need draft (see guidelines).NRSV is New Revised Standard Version of the Christian Bible. Paper must be written at a Catholic view point, I have commentaries,gospel parallels and bible references if you need them. Don’t use Life Application Study Bible, Disciplines Study Bible, The Good News Bible r Amplified Bible.