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This assignment involves the collection and analysis of media material

This assignment involves the collection and analysis of media material on a current cultural safety in health issue(s). You are required to link contemporary issues as presented in the media with those discussed in the unit outline and in the readings. Preparation: You will need to: Identify a specific cultural safety in health issue or issues Collect a minimum of 4 media items which may include newspaper articles, editorials, letters to the editor, magazine articles, video clips, online blogs and other electronic articles. The sources will need to be local, interstate and possibly international. +Utilise a variety of sources in order to assess the breadth and depth of the issue. Using only one source may result is a biased account of the issue. +Please note material including cartoons, posters, health promotion YouTube clips, or academic journal articles and government publications are not media items unless they are discussed and cited as a media release or news item +Hot link the reference to the media item in the body of the text Summarise key issue(s) in the media material collected Link and/or compare the keys issue/s from the media material to various models and approaches investigated in the unit by citing HEA230 unit content and/or related reference materials Discuss how the media material might affect or contribute to the current debate or discussion on the issue. +Discuss your position and views on the issue as it was presented and explore other perspectives. +You will need to read widely on the issue/s, including books, journal articles and government reports.