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The Work Breakdown Structure

THIS IS 3 DIFFERENT ASSIGNMENTS. PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE THEM…ASSIGNMENT #1 AND #2 ARE DUE ON THURSDAY. #3 IS DUE SATURDAY #1 The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most valuable and commonly used tools available to the project team. Select one task your department or group is responsible for in your current or a previous job . Alternatively you may select a company you are familiar with or desire to research. Using the process of decomposition list two subtasks. Further decompose one subtask into two work packages. As a final step provide two levels of effort for one of the work packages. Present your WBS in a simple indented format. Discuss how you might use a WBS in other aspects of your job responsibilities, at home, or elsewhere. Your initial post should contain at least 200 words and be supported by at least one professional or academic source other than the textbook. #2 A project manager has the responsibility to develop team members’ skills and expertise. Read the Forbes article “4 Ways to Help Your Team Adapt to Change” by Jeff Boss. Which of these suggestions have you seen used in your organization? Which one do you think would be most beneficial to introduce to your current work group, and why? Your initial post should contain at least 200 words and be supported by at least one professional or academic source other than the textbook. Use this week’s lecture as a basis for your post. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. LINK- #3 Project Management Software [CLOs: 4, 8] Scenario Roto Air has decided to use Smartsheet as the software for project management and collaboration. The Quick Drop 100 Transition team will be the first to use it. In this exercise you will be preparing a Work Breakdown Structure that you will be sending in PDF format to your project sponsor and team members. You will enter into a self-teaching exercise based on selected project information that will be provided to you. In preparation you will need to navigate to and create a free trial account good for 30 days. Assignment: Project Management Software This is a learning exercise using data provided to you. Please do not enter different or additional data. The software is user friendly and quite intuitive. Complete the following steps to create the report: Navigate to Login using your email address and individual password. Using the Create New tab at the upper left, open a New Project Sheet. Save the sheet as Quick Drop 100 Transition and your last name. Under Task Name for row 1, enter Kickoff Meeting. Note: Rolling over the icons in the left hand column under Home reveals the function of the button. Find and hit the Wrap button to display the full text of any entry. Enter 1 in Duration. (Durations have been set to display days). Enter today’s date under Start. Enter your first name under Assigned To. Note: Depending on your view, you may have to slide the right side vertical border of the Predecessors column to the right to view the Assigned To column. Enter Order Long Lead Items as Task Name 2. Then enter Predecessors 1. Enter Write Specifications for Rotor Forming Machine as Task Name 3. Hit the Indent Right icon. Then enter Duration 2, Predecessors 1, Assigned To Jackie. Enter Send Requests for Proposals as Task Name 4. Then enter Duration 1, Predecessors 3, Assigned To Jackie. Enter Evaluate Proposals as Task Name 5. Then enter Duration 1, Predecessors 4, Assigned To Your First Name. Enter Forward Purchase Requisition to Purchasing as Task Name 6. Then enter Duration 1, Predecessors 5, Assigned To Jackie. Enter Write Product Assembly Manual as Task Name 7. Then enter Duration 12, Predecessors 1. Hit the Indent Left icon. Enter Gather Engineering Specifications as Task Name 8. Hit the Indent Right icon. Then enter Duration 2, Assigned To John. Enter Write Mechanical Instructions as Task Name 9. Then enter Duration 5, Predecessors 8, Assigned To John. Enter Write Electrical Instructions as Task Name 10. Then enter Duration 4, Predecessors 8, Assigned To Jose. Enter Write Test Instructions as Task Name 11. Then enter Duration 4, Predecessors 9, 10, Assigned To Shawn. Enter Release Manual For Reproduction as Task Name 12. Then enter Duration 1, Predecessors 11, Assigned To John. If all went well, you will have an indented Work Breakout Schedule (WBS) under ‘Task Name’, task durations, task start, and finish dates, predecessors, a list of owners (Under ‘Assigned To’) and a Gantt chart showing a clear visual display of your project.  Congratulations on your first use of a powerful new tool! Hint: Your duration data was entered correctly if the Duration on line 2 is 5 and on line 7 is 12.  These values are calculated by the software and cannot be entered manually.  Note: Students still need to ensure that their predecessor data was entered correctly. Under Home, select the Sheet Actions icon. Select Export, Export to PDF, Choose Landscape Orientation and choose the requirements of this assignment under Options. The final spreadsheet should be one page, contain the required information, and be visually appealing. Required information: Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), task durations, task start and finish dates, a list of owners and a Gantt chart showing a clear visual display of your project. Save to your hard drive. Submit the PDF file to the classroom for grading. No title page, references is required.

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