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The theory that suggests that all human emotions

The theory that suggests that all human emotions can be thought of as the combination of two basic elementspositive and negative emotionscomes from Select one: a. James and Lange b. Watson and Tellegen c. Schachter and Singer d. Cannon and BardWhich of the following is a cue that regulates drinking? Select one: a. blood potassium levels b. blood sugar levels c. total blood volume d. intracellular blood volume Piaget stated that to be able to correctly solve problems that require the use of conservation, the child must possess the ability to decenter. Decentering is the ability to Select one: a. think of more than one thing, or aspect of a problem at a time. b. think about objects after they have been removed. c. reason in the abstract. d. understand how elements of a problem fit together to form a single answer. In their studies of emotion, Schachter and Singer concluded that the autonomic arousal that accompanies emotion Select one: a. is not important to the cognitive interpretation of emotion. b. is similar for all emotions. c. occurs after the emotion has been interpreted. d. can be used to determine the emotion being experienced. Enduring and distinctive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are the core areas in describing someone’s Select one: a. psychoanalytic case history. b. superego development. c. personality. d. unconscious.