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The purpose of this paper is to combine the theoretical (conceptual)

The purpose of this paper is to combine the theoretical (conceptual) with the practical. In their book Governance as Leadership, Chait, Ryan and Taylor offer trustees and executives a practical framework to govern non-profit organizations more effectively. They describe three modes of governance – fiduciary, strategic, and generative – that together enable effective trusteeship. They contrast this approach to the conventional mindset of urging trustees to think and govern like managers. In this paper (5-7 pages), describe the differences between a “conventional” style vs. a “governance as leadership” style within a particular situation or organizational context. To do this you must first identify a NPO context (it can be as broad as churches, missionary organizations, inner-city homeless shelter, higher education, etc…; or as specific as an individual organization). It will be most helpful if you have previous or current experience in this type of organization, or you have access to people who are involved in the particular work. Secondly, consider the various topics discussed throughout the semester (legal issues and ethics, planning and management, assessment and evaluation, etc…) and describe how they might be treated differently in the governance as leadership mindset.

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