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The picot question

Topic     The picot question Type      Essay Level     College Style      APA Sources                6 Language             English(U.S.) Description

  1. PICOT Question: Using the template provided in the start here module, develop a

PICOT question relevant to your clinical practice. Draft question 20 points; revised final PICOT question 30 points (50 points possible).  

  1. Rapid Critical Appraisal: Using the prevention or treatment intervention listed in your PICOT question, perform a literature search to find appropriate evidence (articles/studies) for answering your question. Perform a Rapid Critical Appraisal (RCA) on one of the articles from your search. This article should NOT be a guideline, but a single research article. Submit the completed RCA with supporting documentation from the article being appraised and a copy of the article (100 points possible)


  1. Finding the Right Guideline Paper: Using the prevention or treatment intervention (I in PICOT) listed in your PICOT question, you will perform a search to find the appropriate EBP guideline for use in clinical decision making with regards to ordering diagnostics and pharmaceutical and lifestyle interventions. Submit a 7-page paper describing how you will apply the guideline to your clinical practice. Be sure to include 1) the appropriate “rapid critical appraisal (RCA) questions for guidelinesвЂк (25 points); 2) provide an EBP critical appraisal of each guideline – consider at least 2 guidelines (20 points); 3) provide a synthesis table (25 points); 4) describe how you will apply the decision to your practice, include implementation and evaluation plans (40 points); be sure to include comparison of clinical diagnostic procedures and/or pharmaceutical intervention of your topic (20 points). Describe how you found the guideline, how you determined appropriateness for your topic, and how you will apply findings to your clinical practice. Use correct APA format (20 points); include copies of each guideline considered or web links to the guidelines and all documents used in this assignment. Paper not to exceed 5 pages, not including RCAs and synthesis tables—up to 50 points deducted for going over page limit (150 points possible).

olivia williams: I will need #3 and #4 Are obese 30 year old females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at increased risk for VTE (venous thromboembolism) compared to obese women who do not have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? 6 references, recent or within the last 3-5 years Spacing Double Pages    7