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The final paper is a report based on a detailed investigation and analysis

Final Paper: The final paper is a report based on a detailed investigation and analysis of one aspect of Arab media that is covered in this course. It will require you to examine this particular topic or angle in depth and to use scholarly sources, as well as sources from popular media, interviews with professionals, or electronic sources, as deemed necessary, to provide a deep insight into the discussed topic. You must receive approval from the professor on your selected topic for the final paper. Some possible areas that can be explored in the final paper could be: -Coverage of a particular war or conflict in a particular Arab medium or media. -Censorship and press freedom in the Arab world: The threats and the promises. -The obstacles and challenges confronting modern Arab media today. -The impact of the Internet on the Arab media scene: The pros and cons. -The impact of satellite television on broadcasting in the Arab world: The pros and cons. -The conflicting views around Al-Jazeera television: Their origins and implications. -The dynamics of the “government-media” relationship in the contemporary Arab world in the midst of the current “Arab Awakening” in the region. Please note that this is only a “tentative” list of potential subject areas, but you are strongly encouraged to come up with your own proposed topic, through your own readings and exploration of the relevant literature. You are also strongly advised to narrow down your selected topic to a particular Arab country, if possible, which provides a good example and a clear manifestation of your discussed topic. This project will require a minimum of 10 secondary references. At least five of these references must derive from scholarly publications, textbooks, professional publications, or other factual sources. This paper should be around 10 typewritten pages, not including endnotes and references. A reference list should be included at the end of the paper, in which you provide full citations. All references must appear in the text of the paper. You must use one consistent format style, i.e., APA style or MLA style. APA style guide: MLA Format: The paper will be graded on accuracy of content, quality of critical thinking and analysis, organization of ideas, in addition to the quality of writing, grammar, spelling, format and punctuation, and whether it was handed to me on time. The paper should be typed, double spaced, printed in black ink, and be in 12-point serif type (Times Roman, Palatino, Courier, etc.). There should be 1 inch margins and page numbers used. The paper should be stapled together. Each subsequent page should have last name and page number on it. Points will be deducted if these criteria are not met. In addition, errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling will hurt your grades (this is a communication course, and therefore, evaluation of written communication is considered relevant to all course work).

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