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The factors which contribute to the strategic direction of the firm

Assignment 2 Guidance: Group Presentation:3000 word report. Criteria: Using appropriate academic models and theory, write a report which critiques the models and frameworks used, and evaluates the factors which contribute to the strategic direction of the firm. Things to consider: You can reflect on the information provided in your presentation and support this further through supportive academic theory and appropriate literature (and critical evaluation of it).   Your report may include: a) How your group carried out their work for the consultancy brief (as presented in your presentation) b) Your recommendations for driving the business forward (by meeting the aims of the brief).   Your report should be supported by strategy and consultancy literature and supported through proper use of academic models where appropriate. Don’t forget: Introduce each model and framework used, providing a proper reference and explanation of what the models or frameworks are and what they tell us (and why we need to know that information). Use Harvard referencing throughout your presentation as appropriate.