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The extent to which self and body in postmodern consumer culture

1) Examine the extent to which self and body in postmodern consumer culture might be described as ‘plastic’? 2) In what ways do media discourses fashion the construction of ‘docile bodies’? 3) Drawing on the concepts of ‘abjection’ and the ‘carnivalesque’ explore how media representations of the body might deviate from or challenge normative ideas of beauty and perfection. 4) What does it mean to be human in the digital age? Discuss with reference to debates on cyborg and posthuman bodies. 5) To what extent does science fiction shape or reflect public anxieties about self and body in a posthuman age? Discuss with reference to EITHER cyborgs OR biotechnology and genetics. 6) With reference to discussions around ‘roots’ and ‘routes’ of cultural identity, examine the ways in which diasporic and migrant identities challenge essentialist understandings of nationhood and belonging. 7) To what extent does work today generate value from the worker’s personality? 8) With reference to gaming cultures and/or second life critically discuss the way that virtual worlds allow us to embody or inhabit new forms of selfhood and identity. 9) In terms of an embodied sense of selfhood and identity, in what ways do liminal or transitional experiences provide the possibility of transformation and becoming? 10) Drawing on phenomenological ideas of embodiment in what ways do our everyday interactions with digital and virtual worlds challenge Cartesian notions of the self?