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The comparison given for this theme is

The comparison given for this theme is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the poem titled Stanze per la Giostra by Poliziano, and a modern art piece. The theme that is to be followed is Humanism/Beauty.PromptThe purpose of thisProject is to evaluate your knowledge of the skills necessary for performing a visual and contextual analysis of two works, one visuall and one literary, and to measure your application of these techniques as you relate the works chosen to real world relevance,popular culture, ideas, or concepts. Refer to this list of suggested works of art and their shared themes from which to choose a topic for your essay. You will be required to identify the shared theme in the works you choose. You will develop an essay that explores how each presents the theme, both in terms of similarities and differences. Finally, you will be required to identify a modern or contemporary representation of that theme in popular culture and discuss how the contemporary example reflects the influence of those that came before it. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:.Introduction. A. For each work, identify the author/artist, the name or title of the work, the date, the cultural origin or period of creation, andthe current location or physical setting.B.What is your main argument/idea about the relationship between your selected works and their shared theme?Historical BackgroundA.What is the relationship between each of your chosen works and culture of origin?B.How did cultural traditions and ideologies influence/shape? Use examples to support your response.III. Similarities/DifferencesA. In whatSimilar ways that the selected artist and author approach the shared theme found in their respective works? Provide specific examplesto support your response.B.In what different ways that the selected artist and author approach the shared theme found in their respective works? Provide specific examples to support your response.C.How does each work express its specific cultural and historical setting? Provide specific examples to support your response.D.How have the similarities and differences you identified come to represent the culture in which these works were created?Provide specific examples to support your response.IV.Modern InfluenceA.What impacts or influence have your two selected works had on a modern or contemporary expressionof the identified shared theme?B.How has each work continued to influence or define contemporary culture? Use examples to support your response.C.What can we learn today from the works selected and their culture, taking into consideration the idea thathistory tends to repeat itself?Provide specific examples to support your response.D.Identify examples of modern and contemporary events or ideals that echothe theme of the works you have selected to discuss. Provide a rationale for your choices. For example,Ajax and Achilles Playing a Dice Game illustrates two soldiers as they compete in a dice game andmentally prepare for war. Based on this, one could ask, How do we prepare today’s military for battle both physically and mentally? E.How have the works you selected come to serve asArchetypes for the theme you have identified as a commonality? Provide examples tosupport your response.F.What parallels do you see between the contemporary world and theculture that produced the works you selected?V.ConclusionYour conclusion should reiterate your thesis and summarize the main arguments of your essay concerning the similarities and differences between thetwo works of your choice and their relevance today.