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The assignment is to create a complete media plan/including budget

The assignment is to create a complete media plan/including budget for Village Surf Shop as outlined in Exercise 17. Review all chapters, but pay special attention to Chapters 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The Coca-Cola case is a strong example. Don’t forget online/social media in your planning and buying. If you want to include guerilla marketing/PR events, price it at $25,000 per event. Explain these and indicate where and when they would take place. For the budget, just leave the total amount for guerilla/PR as a contingency. The final product should include: A Media Plan (review chapter 5 and use the outline on page 33) 1/ Executive Summary (review Chapter 5) 2/ SWOT (Review Chapters 4 and 5) 3/ Creative Brief-Creative Strategy (review Chapter 5) 4/ Media Objectives & Strategies (review chapter 6/use the outline on page 38) 5/ Appendix (review Chapter 5) double spaced, 12 pt. Times/Roman with 1-inch margins Budget for a three-month campaign (as you did in Exercise 16) Use media flight plan to assemble your budget and buying plan. Save your data file on a usb drive (I will need to see these) Turn in copies of Year at a Glance, Flowchart, Monthly Detail (for each month) and the Market List (these will be in the appendix) The budget is $10 million over a three month period for a national, spot or national/spot campaign. Consider your universe carefully and use your data intelligently to make your decisions.