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That NAPLAN testing is a waste of time

Assessment details: This assessment is to develop a report exploring arguments for and against a particular statement relating to teaching in Australian schools, and to consider the implications of this issue for your teaching practice. The purpose of this assessment task is for you to have the opportunity to explore in some depth the arguments surrounding a contentious current educational issue, and for you to move beyond a position of rejecting alternative points of view, to one where you have actually engaged with, and attempted to understand, different perspectives. That NAPLAN testing is a waste of time. The topic ahead in red is the topic that should be answered for this assessment. Keep in mind that NAPLAN is a test for students in Australia! You must mention the positives of NAPLAN, so we are leaning towards the positives only making sure to mention all the dot points in the findings below. Findings. Describe the range of points of view and arguments relevant to this issue, supporting your claims with relevant evidence drawn from scholarly and non-scholarly sources (where appropriate). Identify which points of view are most convincing in relation to this issue, and why this is the case. Report on the potential effects of the issue in relation to children’s learning and development in the primary school setting. All these points must relate to the topic THAT NAPLAN TESTING AFTER A WASTE OF TIME.