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Take the deliverables that you identified in the

Take the deliverables that you identified in the Unit 1 Lab Assignment and build them into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using Microsoft Project. In addition we will add project team members into a personnel table in Microsoft Project and assign them to tasks in WBS Use attached file to complete in MS Project. 1.Update the template to align to the deliverables and WBS that are applicable to your project. 2. Add in the tasks subtasks and durations. There is no need to populate the dates or any other fields at this time. 3. Add your project team to the Resource sheet. 4. Assign resources to each of the tasks/subtasks. unit 1 project breakdown Project Back ground The basis of this project is to set up a Better accountability of service members and veterans who suffer from post – traumatic stress disorder. Posttraumatic stress disorder has been known to be brought on by a traumatizing event such as war extreme acts of violence and prolonged exposure to forms of abuse such as mental physical or sexual. Symptoms may include but are not limited to flashbacks nightmares severe anxiety and uncontrollable incontinence (Mayo Clinic 2017). The hopes of this project is to give those who have served a positive outlet for their posttraumatic stress. By setting up counseling medical care and long-term-care if required. When this project is completed veterans and service members alike who have suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder may be able to be reintegrated into the active work environment and possibly regain the life in which they lost. This will intern help our government by providing able bodies to work. Having a better accountability of service members for veterans who suffer from post- traumatic stress disorder. This will give the veterans affairs a better idea of how treatment success is going as well as if the current treatment plan needs to be a more aggressive. The project will include input and Studies from neurologist therapist occupational therapist. The input from the neurologist listed above well give us a better idea of what parameters should be set for tracking and treating posttraumatic stress victims. The input gain from psychologist and therapist will allow us to figure how to set up counseling treatment that will have a better effect on posttraumatic stress sufferers. Lastly the occupational therapist input Will be used to get a better understanding of what will be needed towards the recovery or for further long-term-care. This information will also help us assess the budget that will be needed to take on such a task for the long-term-care aspect. Project Risks Like many projects theyre going to be a few bumps in the road. A risk assessment will be conducted before the project is set into motion. The most challenging aspects of this project that can cause a delay or even disruption to the project will be the participation of veterans or service members in which we will use to conduct trials. Many service members for veterans or currently suffering from posttraumatic stress are in denial in many are embarrassed to admit they have a problem. And with that if you have an unwilling participant you mean I have enough vital information to do a relevant trial on in which to base your information. Some may be willing to participate but are not willing to give accurate information on their symptoms or choose to leave out anything that may make them look weak or less of themselves. *Note we will dig further in how to identify risks in a future module Project Schedule Due to the urgency of this issue we do see that the project will take from three to five years to complete and implement into a working plan in which to start treating those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. The time frame may be extended based on the length of trials needed to complete project task. Once the trials are completed and all relevant information from the specialist hired. The evaluation process can be completed and we can begin to narrow down the time frame to an end date. Project Budget Due to the large areas of involvement we will be requesting of budget of $5 million. This money will cover the incorporation of doctors of neurology psychology an occupational therapy. The doctors of these fields may fill positions in the full-time position as well as the part time positions. A Small but monetary portion of the money will also go to offer incentives for veterans and service members who participate in the trial willingly. This incentive will also open the doors to get more people in and get the studies done sooner. Most of the staff will not receive any extra pay from the budget. Many of the staff will already be employees of the Veterans Affairs. However. for those who are traveling out of state to participate in this project or receive travel pay Basic housing allowance and miscellaneous funds for out-of-pocket expenses. These are just a few of the items covered under the budget and there will be more to come and future modules. Communication Management The communication aspect of this project you Require three sets of meetings per month. The first meeting well be on the first of each month and that meeting will be for gathering information on the status of each portion of the project. This meeting will be conducted by individual team leaders. The second meeting will be conducted biweekly and this will be to ensure that the teams are being managed properly and are having them needs met to ensure a positive workplace is well and team morale. The final meeting which will be held on the third week of each month Will be to track the status of the budget into inshore proper appropriations of funds is being handled by each department. Tracking and Status Updates In the monthly meetings individual team leaders will be giving a form and which they are to detail how the team is doing what has been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished. These forms gives us a better documentation of what is being done and also allows us the ability to trace the progression of each department. At the end of each meeting every team leader should be handing in there forms to the project manager so that we can have them readily available to continue tracking the status of the project. Attachments

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