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Students should read the instructions accompanying

Students should read the instructions accompanying this assignment before attempting to solve the following problems. 1. La Trobe University organises an End of the Year Ball for staff and students. The ViceChancellor (VC) of the university is concerned about the security at the campus. He advises the department responsible for security matters on the campus to approach the local police regarding security issues on the night of the Ball. The VC also fears that some students from other universities may gate crash the party and create nuisance at the campus. Senior Sergeant Ratty advises the university officials that he would have a police van periodically patrolling the area during the Ball. The university wants two police officers on duty on the dance floor and a stationary police van at the campus. Sergeant Ratty agrees to the universitys request. He however advises that there would be an extra cost for the services of the police officer. The university officials believe that it is the duty of the police to protect the safety of individuals in Victoria hence no extra payment for the police services may be required. Later the police send an invoice of $5 000 for their services. The university refuses to pay. Does La Trobe University have to pay for the amount owing on the invoice? (10 marks) 2. The management committee of an accounting firm Dodgy Accounts Associates meets to discuss applications for the position of a senior accountant. The committee decides to appoint Mr. Dowell as the senior accountant for the firm. One of the committee members Mr. Welwisha is asked by the committee to contact all the unsuccessful candidates which he does. Mr. Welwisha also sends a telegram to Dowell informing him that he has been appointed as the senior accountant for the firm. The telegram advises Mr. Dowell that a formal letter of appointment is in the mail. Upon receiving the telegram Mr. Dowell posts a letter accepting the committees offer and suggests a date when he might commence his job. The committee meets again and decides not to appoint Dowell for the job. Has a legally binding contract been made between Mr. Dowell and Dodgy Accounts Associates? 10 marks Total marks for the assignment: 20 marks Students should note that: (a) Students should use a problem solving format to answer the questions in the assignment. (b) Your answer should contain only COMMON LAW principles. (c) Maximum word length of this assignment is approximately 1 500 words.