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Specific examples of how lean has been applied from your experience at Boeing

(1) specific examples of how lean has been applied from your experience at Boeing we went to the Boeing tour in Evertt WA, so the writer should do some research about it. examples of lean:(please do writing more base on the examples I gave and use conjunction and specify each example, ) 1. everyone in the factory must pick the waste on the ground if they see it. it’s a rule. 2. FAUB the robot they using on Boeing 777x production. I will share a link of video under. 3. the mechanics will check out different pack of tool that they will use in the job of that day and at the end of the day they must return it. In the tour the presenter showed the packs to us and it’s well organized and the price is around a thousand dollar for each pack. It’s expensive but it helped the mechanics save a lot of time and keep the tool from losing. 4. there are some selves next to the planes. they use it to keep almost everything the mechanics will need in that section. Example the presenter gave us: one worker only worked 3 hours each day because he had to go to other place to get the things he needed. 5. In the presentation, they mentioned that they are having some yellow-tape squares on the ground to make all the selves in the right position. They are using the total weighted distance method to place the selves. 6. everything is on the wheel. Look the video. (2) present examples of how lean has impacted another company (positively or negatively) based on recent news/journal reports and library research (that is cite at least ONE recent news/journal article or research article about lean systems or a company using lean),