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Seminal Fluid (DNA) Testing and Analysis4.

Seminal Fluid (DNA) Testing and Analysis4..A prison guard states that an inmate threw and unknown liquid on him. This is a felony charge of harassment. In order for this charge to be prosecuted, you must show a bodily fluid was thrown on the guard. The shirt smells like vomit. How would you proceed?6.You are on the stand to explain the results of a positive test for semen using an Acid Phosphatase presumptive test and a PSA confirmatory test. First 1.) explain the testing to a non-scientist, and then 2.) explain it again to a group of medical students.11.I saw a movie called Red Belt several years ago. This film focuses on one martial arts instructor’s goal to be true to himself and his students. His teachings were designed to protect the people and not spectacularize (is that a word) the art. In a bind for money, he agrees to fight in a Mixed Martial Arts