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Scenario: You are a consultant for the Diligent Consulting Group (DCG)

Scenario: You are a consultant for the Diligent Consulting Group (DCG). You have completed the first assignment developing and testing a forecasting method that uses Linear Regression (LR) techniques (Module 2 Case). However the consulting manager at DCG wants to try a different forecasting method as well. Now you decide to try Single Exponential Smoothing (SES) to forecast sales.Using this Excel template:Data chart for BUS520 SLP 2 do the following:Calculate the MAPE for Year 2 Linear Regression forecast (use the first spreadsheet tab labeled Year 2 Forecast MAPE).Calculate forecasted sales for Year 2 using SES (use the second spreadsheet tab labeled SES MAPE). Use 0.15 and 0.90 alphas.Compare the MAPE calculated for the LR forecast (#1 above) with the MAPEs calculated using SES.Then write a report to your boss in which you discuss the results obtained above. Using calculated MAPE values make a recommendation concerning which method appears to be more accurate for the Year 2 data: SES or Linear Regression.AnalysisConduct accurate and complete SES analysis in Excel. You may also check the following link for your reference: Report

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