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Scenario: As an HR representative for a company you receive a phone call

Scenario: As an HR representative for a company you receive a phone call that an employee named, James got burned from a press out on the shop floor. The employee went straight to the ER and had 2nd degree burns on his right upper arm, right hand and torso area. You interview the employee while completing the work/injury report as well as interview the shift supervisor on the details of the injury. All stated that the injury occurred as a result of a hose becoming detached from the press due to extreme pressure build up. Further into the investigation of the incident you review video footage and see something completely different than the employee account of what happened. You actually see that James detached the hose himself and never shut the water off to that hose prior. He is aware of the standard operating procedure for exchanging hoses. How do you address this situation?answer these question for the scenarioHow would you act in this scenario?How could you change the process for addressing this problem?Are there some different outcomes that could have served each party?What are the long-term implications of these solutions?Follow-up the scenario with some alternatives.

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