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Review the Writing Effective Emails article under Reading and Resources

Review the Writing Effective Emails article under Reading and Resources, review the grading rubric and read the scenarios below. Then, choose one of the following options to complete and submit to the submission link above by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.Option 1:As the Director of Sales and Customer Service at Post Corporation, potential customers frequently visit your production facility before making purchase decisions. Your sales team has extensive decorum/etiquette training on how to do business with high profile customers/clients. However, the rest of the workforce has not received training in these areas, and you are concerned that an employee may unintentionally do or say something that offends your clients. In an e-mail to your supervisor, state why all employees in should receive etiquette training.Option 2:As the Coordinator of Customer and Investor Relations at Post Corporation, you have many friends in all departments of the organization. The CEO relies on your feedback concerning employee morale, and other issues that many impact staff motivation. He recently asked you to start reporting any conduct that may violate company policies. These behaviors include dress code violations to taking bribes from clients. In an e-mail to your supervisor, point out two specific issues you would like to discuss with him regarding his request.