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Review the change models presented in Chapter 8 of the Palmer textbook

HRM 560 WEEK 8 DISCUSSION 1) “Change Management Models” Please respond to the following: •Review the change models presented in Chapter 8 of the Palmer textbook. Using attributes from these models, create a unique change management model that would be most effective for your organization and justify why this model would be effective. •Select a contingency approach that would align effectively with the change model you selected in the first part of this discussion. Justify why that approach would be more appropriate than alternative strategies 2) “Organizational Change” Please respond to the following: •Reflect on an organizational change you experienced. Summarize how the vision of the change was presented to employees and compare and contrast the vision that was presented with the actual results of the organizational change. •Based on the content covered in Chapter 9 of the Palmer textbook, evaluate the vision of change. Focus specifically on the vision’s impact in your opinion of the change, how the vision affected your motivation, and how employees reacted toward engaging in the change after being presented with the vision.

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