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Research on diversification initiatives and business strategy effectiveness

To prepare for this Discussion, review the “Cisco Systems: Growth Through Diversification and Acquisition” case found on pages 108–109 of Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, and Bryce (2016) and consider how companies can utilize diversification strategies to create organizational value and competitive advantage. You may also want to review the video titled “The Upside of Concentrating Risk,” as well as the cases provided in this week’s Optional Resources for further research on diversification initiatives and business strategy effectiveness. Post a comparison of corporate strategy versus business-unit-level strategy. In your comparison, address the following: · How does corporate strategy differentiate from a business-unit-level strategy, including advantages and disadvantages of each? · Which approach for diversification (related-constrained or related-linked) has the strongest return on investment in this case study? Explain, including at least one supportive example. · In your opinion as an independent scholar, why does diversification most often fail to add value? Explain with at least one supportive example. · What factors should executives consider when making a decision to diversify through green field entry over making an acquisition? Explain.

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