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Research an Entrepreneur

APA Short Informational Report – 100 Points See Syllabus for Due Date Task: Research an Entrepreneur (founder/owner of a company).  You must interview the entrepreneur in person or over skype (primary research). You are to write an APA short informational report that provides information from outside resources, which tie in with what you discussed with the entrepreneur about their company/organization. The outside sources need to support their business ideas and strategies. Pretend as if you are going to give this report back to the entrepreneur. You will want to find outside resources which support their ideas discussed with you in the interview. Please write in third person. For example, if you discussed how the impact of social media has helped their business grow and reach customers much faster, you can find credible sources to show how social media has helped businesses grow. Use the information to support what the entrepreneur discussed. Some questions to ask are listed here, but do not limit yourself to this list: What business activities are important to the success of your company? How important is Business Communications to you and why (Writing, Social Media, etc.)? What are some Marketing activities you do regularly? Which are the most challenging and satisfying activities you have done in your business? Which areas in your business do you wish you had more training to help your business grow? Part 1: Interview the Entrepreneur. Part 2: Research and gather information helpful to the entrepreneur. Part 3: Title Page in APA format (1 Page) Part 4: (3 Pages Minimum) Compose an APA short informational report (APA format) addressed to the person you interviewed.  One page of the report should be a short update that focuses on what the entrepreneur discussed, and at least two pages should discuss three noteworthy news items (such as competition, recent activities, growth projections of the industry, legislation affecting business, etc. – anything you feel is necessary for this business), which tie in to the answers your entrepreneur gave to you in the interview. These are your outside references that should support what was discussed in the interview. Part 5: (1 Page) Compile a reference list, in standard APA style, containing at least 10 resources related to the subject. These sources (secondary research) should be reputable, useful, and recent. They need to be cited in the text of the report, again in correct APA style. Incorrect attribution (citation/documentation) will result in a substantial grade reduction. Guidelines for Submission (the final research report packet): You will hand in a neat, professional-looking packet consisting of: Title Page (1 Page) Report providing researched/useful information on your chosen company (3 Pages) Reference List of at least 10 entries relevant to your chosen company (1 page) Purpose: You will demonstrate information accuracy and competency; that is, the ability to process complex information and to present it meaningfully to the appropriate audience, using a correct citation format. You will complete a small-scale research task and compose a professional report as an introduction to academic and business reports. Student Outcomes: You will learn how to use the library and its resources, conventional as well as electronic.  You will apply APA documentation correctly. You will learn how to handle primary and secondary research competently and write, with proper documentation, an informative APA short informational report. Assessment Measures: I will grade this assignment for thoroughness, accuracy, and clarity of content, proper citation of sources and professional presentation.  The sources used in References must be cited in the body of the short informational report. Write your report in APA format. APA guideline can be found here: The library instruction session provided by the library will be crucial to your success.  See Syllabus for date of library instruction. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss this mandatory session, you will need to make arrangements to meet with a librarian. Possible Outline of APA Short Informational Report Title Page (1 Page) Make sure it is in APA format Interview Discussion (1 Page) You can discuss what you and the entrepreneur focused on during your interview Topics Discussed (at least three) in Interview and supported with research (2 Pages Minimum) Topic 1 What was discussed Research (Resources) to back this up Topic 2 What was discussed Research (Resources) to back this up Topic 3 What was discussed Research (Resources) to back this up Reference Page (1 Page) Make sure it is in APA format