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Reasons why employees join labor unions

HRM 500 WEEK 8 DISCUSSION…………………….(TWO ANSWERS POSTED FOR EACH QUESTION) 1) “Benefits and Collective Bargaining” Please respond to the following: • * From the scenario, examine two reasons why employees join labor unions. Examine two reasons why managers prefer that unions do not represent their employees. Suggest two benefits that unions can provide for an employer. • Examine two legal responsibilities that employers have regarding their participation in unions. Suggest two ways in which management and unions may negotiate mutually beneficial contracts. 2) High Involvement (HI) Organizations and Benefits” Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, examine two actions that the selected HI organization takes in order to make its employees feel that they are members of a supportive community. Propose two scenarios in which high involvement by an organization would benefit the company and encourage employee loyalty. • According to the textbook, extensive research on HI Organizations shows that they frequently enjoy a set of performance advantages and benefits. Imagine that you are the HR manager for an HI organization. Determine two benefits that your HI Organization can gain from creating a supportive community within the company. Support your answer

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