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Reaction Paper #2After reading Chapters 7 and 8

Reaction Paper #2After reading Chapters 7 and 8 in McCarthy & Archer (2013) and performing additional research on your own, write a 4-6 page reaction paper in which you discuss the following:Explain how thought-focused treatment systems are inherently different from psychoanalytical/psychodynamic approaches in treating psychological dysfunctions.In REBT, rational means that which helps people to achieve their basic goals and purposes. Therefore, irrational beliefs are those that interfere with goals. Do a web search and find the eleven or twelve irrational beliefs (called IBs) used by REBT therapists. Choose two of them and provide an example for each.Cognitive therapy is directed at common cognitive distortions, or faulty thought patterns. These send us into depression. Examine the list of cognitive distortions based on Aaron Becks work. Choose two and provide an example for each.Explain briefly the terms shaping and token economies used in behavioral based therapies and give an example for each.