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Quantitative Research Design

Subject Nursing Topic     Quantitative Research Design Type      Essay Level     High School Style      APA Sources                3 Language             English(U.S.) Description Using the knowledge and insights gained from the textbook and other reliable sources answer the following. 1.In your own words, define quantitative research and provide two examples of quantitative designs with a brief explanation of each design. 2.Identify a potential quantitative research study that is important to nursing and describe which design you would use for this study, why you would use that design, and how the information generated from the study could be applied in nursing practice. 3.Reflect as to the value of quantitative research adding to the science, knowledge, and practice of nursing. Class: The objective of this DB is to make sure you understand the basic types of quantitative research designs – choose 2 designs and explain them briefly for your peers.   Then I want you to be creative and develop your own idea for a quantitative research study (it is hypothetical). Why would you want to conduct this study, what design would you use and why, and what would you hope to answer in the realm of nursing? Finally, end with your new found understanding of this type of research design.   Example for step 2: Nursing simulation is a new and important aspect of training for undergraduate nursing students. Finding clinical space within the hospital settings is becoming more difficult to accomplish as schools compete for space and hospitals exert tighter controls. Can simulation really replace traditional clinical and have the same outcomes? In order to research this question I would create a randomized controlled trial. This design would allow me the opportunity to have one group of students complete clinical with 100% of their time in simulation. A second group would have 50% simulation and 50% traditional clinical. The control group would have 100% traditional clinical. Students would be randomly assigned to one of the 3 groups. All student would be from the same cohort. This design would allow me to compare the clinical outcomes to see if there are any differences between the groups. The results of the study would be used to either support the use or more simulation for clinical or show that clinical must occur in traditional settings. Have fun creating your own quantitative study!! Don’t forget your 3 citations beyond the textbook!! Spacing Double Pages    1