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Provide an overview of the internationalization strategy of this company

The detail requirements are: INDIVIDUAL REPORT – COMPANY ANALYSIS Every student is expected to perform an analysis of the dataset provided. The dataset will describe the parent-subsidiary network for a multinational company. The objective of this coursework is to measure familiarity with data management and visualization and establish connection between real data and theories. A more advanced use of the software is expected for the third item of assessment. Students are expected to use network analysis visualization and basic data analysis techniques to discuss how the parent subsidiary-network affected the firm’s innovation capability. By doing this students are expected to collect other information about the given company, as well as to apply knowledge and theories developed in the course and use other relevant academic articles. Specifically you are expected to: – Provide an overview of the internationalization strategy of this company (indicatively 400 words) – Use network analysis techniques and visualizations to describe the parent-subsidiary network (indicatively 700 words) – Provide a preliminary, exploratory, interpretation of the role played by some subsidiaries, considering aspects such as their location, activity, size and other relevant characteristics (500 words) – Discuss the implication of the industry and country environment on the innovation strategy of this firm (400 words)