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Project Management Advice

HRM 517 WEEK 11 DISCUSSIONS 1) “Project Management Advice” Please respond to the following: • Imagine you work for a midsize organization that is inquiring about adding a project manager to your existing staff. Since you have knowledge about the subject, your boss turns to you for advice. Support or oppose the idea of adding a project manager with a compiled list of at least 5 reasons. Justify the reasons with knowledge gained throughout the ten weeks of this course 2) Course Conclusion” Please respond to the following: • You have just completed ten weeks of a course for managing human resource projects. Imagine you have been selected as one of five classmates that will speak in front of a collection of human resource managers looking for an entry-level project manager. Create a hierarchy of five of the most important topics you have gained knowledge of throughout this course. Give a detailed rationale for each of the five topics

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