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Prepare an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan

Prepare an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan that logically and cohesively addresses the critical elements of IMC for a fictitious video streaming service. The point of the exercise is the IMC plan itself, not the product. Don’?t spend an inordinate amount of time on the product aspect. The product needs to be described sufficiently so that the reader can understand that the IMC plan in the context of the product. For example, you do not want four pages on the product description and three pages on the plan. One page on the product is probably sufficient. You are not selling the product to the reader. You are selling your plan so the focus is on making it logical, keeping the message consistent, and explaining why the elements of your plan will work to effectively with respect to reaching and influencing the consumer/end user. Your audience is the VP of Marketing, not the consumer. Keep this in mind as you write your plan. The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan should include why and how you integrate the following elements of the promotion mix: Advertising Promotion Public Relations Personal Selling Direct Marketing (including a web/social media strategy)Remember that in IMC the message is consistent across all elements of the promotion mix. Support these ideas with outside research you are likely to convince the VP that your ideas have a good chance of success if implemented. The final paper should be 9 pages (double spaced, 12pt. font). Use proper APA citations. Reference page and proper APA citations are required.