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Post a brief summary on the effects of globalization on health in Russia

Cell phones, video cameras, and other technologies are changing the way we live today. It is difficult to avoid the stories and images of poverty, human rights abuses, disasters, diseases, and other tragedies that plague people in rich and poor countries alike. It is not just communications technology that is making the world a “smaller” place. Globalization is also exerting a powerful effect on the conditions in which people live and work, (i.e., the social determinants of health) and, thus, on health itself.   Post a brief summary on the effects of globalization on health in Russia. Discuss one change in quality of life in post-transition Russia. Also, explain one change in mortality in post-transition Russia. Provide examples for both.   This is a fairly straight-forward discussion, using a fact-example, fact-example sort of pattern. Expanding on your insights would include a summary where you discuss what you, as a public health leader, can learn from the case study this week, and apply to your own community.

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