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New technology in Beauty industry

New technology in Beauty industry New technology in Beauty industry (chemical peels as new technology and microdermabrasion as old technology) Graduation assignment no plagiarism and use latest books no old books. Use books, journals, website and electronic books. Harved reference Use 1,2 quotes in the introduction. Report headings should Title Acknowledgment s Abstracts List of tables /illustrations Introduction Review of the literature Method Measurement criteria Present the results Discuss the result Conclusion Recommendations Reference/bibliography Appendices Outcomes 1) Identify and evaluate the new technologies which have recently been applied within the industry and assess the range of reason for their collection. 2) Research and appraise the impact and scale of adoption of these new technologies. 3) Locate, analyse and evaluate and scale of adoption of these new technologies. 4) Identify and interpret the physical, physiological, and psychological effects that the new technological treatments have on the mind and systems of the body. 5) Critically evaluate manufacturer’s claims regarding the efficacy of new technologies through a comparison of their results with those deriving from traditional methods. Reference needs to be Harved and make sure it’s in order for example Author Year Documents If it’s from web then online Publisher Available at And access For more information for proper Harved reference check TEE side university regulations related to referencing. Also use recent books, journals, website, newspaper, Report should cover 1) Introduction = of the new technology in beauty industry 2) New technologies treatment and trends= understanding of methods of assessment. Begin the research on new technology identifies new technology. 3) Tradition technology= research and review Evaluate old technology Primary and secondary research 4) Manufacturer demonstration observe/apply = reason for application of new technology. Design questionnaire. 5) Physiological observe/apply= understand the current trends. 6) Psychological and physiological = appraise old /current practices Appraise of new technology.