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Neurotransmitters transmit messages to the brain/body

Neurotransmitters transmit messages to the brain/body using different pathways in the body. Each neurotransmitter has a different function and creates a different feeling.In seminar, you will discuss neurotransmitters, their function, the different kinds of neurotransmitters, and activation characteristics.Explain the typical life cycle of a neurotransmitter from release to extinction (once it has been metabolized).Discuss how dopamine rewards the brain when certain drugs are used.Your paper should be written in appropriate APA style for a written summary. In other words, you are not required to use direct quotes, cite references, include an abstract, or include a reference page. You do have to write in complete sentences and paragraphs, provide a title page, and include a professional presentation. Listen to the Seminar to provide a summary and respond to the Seminar questions.