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Milestone 3Review the case you have chosen

Milestone 3Review the case you have chosen for your final project. Summarize the location and role of each international law enforcement agency involved in the case. Address the following questions in bullet point format.Purchase order ScamWhat started as a scheme to deceive office supply stores has grew into a compoundof crimes which would cost merchants around the country millions of dollars, the Nigerian cyber criminals committing the fraud had setup and advertised as an at home business or personal website to get the unsuspicious user to be a coconspirators (The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014). FBI investigators are identifying it as purchase order fraud, and the criminals are clever. This was all conducted online or by telephone, the criminals would deceive merchants into thinking they were froma real business or corporation, even some were setup a educational organizations and want to purchase products. The retailers thought they were filling orders for well-known customers, however the merchandises was sent to other addresses , in which the clueless at-home Internet users were told to re- sending the merchandise to Nigeria (The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014).The FBI Investigators found that more than 85 businesses and universities nationally had their identities used to commit the crime. About 400 genuine or attempted occurrences were directed to about 250 retailers, and approximately $5 million were lost (The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014). As more of the investigation continued more information was found by the FBI; the criminals setup up fake websites and email accounts to look like the real business that would make then virtually undistinguishable (The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014).Identify the laws regarding case-specific violations in the country where the person of interest was or is currently residing. How did these laws aid in the investigation or apprehension of the criminal?Were there any political factors that influenced the facilitation of the crime? Provide a brief explanation.Determine the ability level of the law enforcement agency to effectively mitigate these types of crimes. Provide evidence to support your claim.How did each law enforcement organization aid in the investigation? What were their limitations?Was U.S. law facilitated in all agencies related to this case?Does the United States reciprocate their laws? Use examples to illustrate the extent of reciprocity.Was there a cooperative relationship between the United States and international law enforcement agencies, and is this cooperation still ongoing?How did the United States cooperate with the international organizations in this case?In general, explain how the United States aids foreign organizations in apprehending and enforcing justice. Use examples to demonstrate the United States cooperation. Why is it necessary to coordinate and cooperate with international agencies?