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MGT 406: Total Quality Management

MGT 406: Total Quality Management – Project Details: Prepare a Project on the following list of organizations explaining the following details: -1.   Need and specification of each product / service 2.  Value of each product / service quality 3.  Characterizes needed for each product / service to define each as quality product / service. 4.  Benchmark for each quality criteria. 5.  Methods to upgrade the quality of the product / service. The report has to be uploaded in the portal by the last date. Report format:-1. Table of content 2. Introduction to project topic 3. Introduction of the product / service 4. Study details 5. Conclusion. Project Report: -Report Structure: – Maximum 10 pages in MS Word document; 11 Font size; 1 ½ line spacing; both sides justified. GRADING: – The grading will be conducted based on the content; context and excellent report preparation by proper collecting, compiling and presenting the data. Project Presentation: -Maximum 10 slides excluding the introduction and concluding slides. (Title Slide, Name Slide, Table of Content Slide, Thank You Slide, Slides with Pictures alone etc. will never be counted.) ***** S.No.  Student ID  Student Name  Organisation 1  111210062  Sara Abdulla Hamad Mohammad  Petrol Station 2  111220023  Saadeddin M. Y. AlRayyes  Police Station 3  111220095  Fadi Basel Fayeq Shehada  Post Office 4  111220108  Ragheb Yasser Kourani  Medical Clinic 5  111220111  Rushdi Yasser Kourani  Restaurant 6  111230009  Ali Nedhal Mohammed Al Rahma  Travel Agency 7  111230037  Mohammed Ahmad Hassan Rashed Al Abbar  Pharmacy 8  121210287  Mohammed Sultan Ahmed Mohammed AlSuwaidi  University 9  121220076  Maitha Essa Mohammad Juma Ahmad Abdulla  Swimming Club 10  131210005  Taki Toufik Khaled Nuri  Medical Diagnostic Centres 11  131210032  Saud Rashid Saeed Rashid Alzaabi  Water Theme Park 12  131210033  Matter Rashid Saeed Rashid AlZaabi  Movie Theatre 13  131210063  Mohammed M. S. Theeb  Super Market 14  131210074  Saeed Arif Ahmad Hamad AlMarri  Mobile Accessory Shop 15  131210134  Amer Abdulla Abdulkarim A. Mohammad  Metro train 16  131210162  Kamar Muhamad Saleh Jumaa  Mobile Phone 17  131210201  Braa AbdulSatar Dibo  Television 18  131220029  Nassir Abdulrahman Ali Abdulrahman Abdalla  Mercedez Benz Car 19  131220054  Saeed Saber Obaid AlShemaily AlMesmari  Rollex Watch 20  131220069  Rashid Arif Mohammad Saleh AlZarooni  Dubai Taxi 21  131220112  Mohammed Rashed Khalifa M. AlShamsi  Airlines Industry 22  141210003  Rached Nabil AlZaim  Textile Shop 23  141210031  Azin Farid Safaei  Car Service Station 24  141210032  Farin Farid Safaei  Beauty Saloon 25  141210044  Homyrah Mohammad Yaqob  Gymnasium 26  141210116  Ahmed Nidal Ibrahim Fares  Children’s Park 27  141210117  Huthaifa Munther Taher AlJaghbir  Zoo 28  141210147  Shaikh Mohammed Ahmed M.Khalid K.AlQassemi  Bank 29  141210188  Sabir Omar Awadh Khamis  Chocolate 30  141230093  Serin Emad I. Ibrahim  Laptop Computers 31  151210002  Mohammad Qamber Yousuf Matar  Mobile Service Providers

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