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Meiosis principle

“Genetics and Society” spring, 2012 Instructor: Dr. Yunqiu Wang Homework 2: Write a comprehensive essay using meiosis principle to explain Mendel’s laws of segregation and independent assortment. In your essay, you need to include the following concepts, and combine them together intelligibly to support your points in this essay 1. What is meiosis? What types of cells undergo meiosis? What is a chromosome? What is a homologous chromosome? What is a homologous chromosome pair? What is a sister chromatid? What are the consequences of meiosis? What is a crossing over? Where does crossing over occur? What is the independent assortment of homologous chromosome? What are the significant values of meiosis? 2. What is an allele? Where do you find an allele? What have been segregated, and what have been independently assorted in Mendels’ experiments with his garden pea, in reference to meiosis? What is a genotype? What is a phenotype? What is an autosome? What is an autosomal recessive allele? What is an autosomal dominant allele? What is a true breeding (homozygous)? What is a non-true breeding (heterozygous)? What is a monohybrid cross? Can you draw a punnett squire to illustrate a monohybrid cross? What is the test cross for?

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