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ME 4395 Renewable Energy Fundamentals

ME 4395   Renewable Energy Fundamentals Project #3- Due date 5/4/2017 (300 points) This project requires you to team up with partners of your choosing- up to 5 members, develop a plan to address the challenge and write a project report. The report should include an explanation of the approach, present the technical results and give a conclusion. The final paper should be no more than 20 written pages and include references (references are not included in the page count). The report should also include an executive summary (not included in the page count). Your executive summary should be no more than 500 double spaced words in 12 point Times New Roman font. The main challenge of the project is to find reliable data and use sound reasoning. A list of sources for any data you use must be included. Please note that this project tasks you with answering specific questions based upon information available in literature and other domains such as “.gov” etc. Your paper should answer the questions listed in the project section. Make sure you note any uncertainties as well as data unavailability along with a detailed explanation. •  Your submittal is required to include: •  An outline •  An abstract •  An introduction to the problem •  Relevant information and methodologies utilized (include references) •  Assessment of data including uncertainty analysis •  Results and conclusion The most important rule for the project submittal is quality over quantity. Take the space you need to say what you need to make your argument. Beyond that, some general formatting guidelines: 20 pages, including figures and references, 1.5x spacing, 12 pt font size, Times New Roman and 1″ margins. By Tuesday 4/18/2017- please turn in the names of your team members and an abstract (400 words or less) describing your approach, anticipated challenges and how your team plans to overcome the expected challenges. Portions of West Texas and Central NM offer acceptable wind resources to provide wind power to the El Paso area through EPE. It is proposed that 1/2 of the El Paso area’s (city/county) electricity needs be supplied by wind power. How much power (in MW) is consumed by the city/county of El Paso? How many towers are needed to provide the targeted power and where should they be located? What capacity factor and COP is expected by the project? If the remainder of the energy needs are met by burning coal, how many tons of coal would be needed per day? How many railcars would this daily coal supply fill? 100 out of the 300 points for this project will be dedicated to the following: •  Thoroughness of the peer review of other teams’ abstracts and comments •  Critiques and in-depth comments on the executive summaries of other teams •  Anonymous evaluation of each member on your team