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Many people regard marketing simply as advertising

MKT 230 Week 1-9 DQs. Get an A++. Week 1 Discussion Question 1 Many people regard marketing simply as advertising. Advertising is a part of marketing, but it is not the whole picture. What arguments can you make against the common assumption that marketers only worry about advertising? What are some of the roles that marketers play within an organization? Week 1 Discussion Question 2 I will assign to you one of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix to discuss – see table below. Describe the key points of a good or service as it applies to the piece of the marketing mix assigned to you (product, price, promotion, and place). How will your good or service be affected by other 3 pieces of the marketing mix? Week 3 Discussion Question 1 Step 1: Consider a recent purchase that you or a family member has made (examples: a household product, a DVD or CD, a grocery item, an electronic device, etc.) Describe the item and list three main reasons you purchased that product as opposed to another product. Then, identify the internal influences that describe each reason you made your purchase; perception, motivation, learning, attitudes, personality, age group, the family life cycle, or lifestyle. Step 2: Respond to a classmate who describes a purchase that you, yourself, have recently made (it does not have to be the same product described in your original answer). Was your purchasing decision based on the same influences as your classmates’? If yes, give additional examples of your influences. If not, describe what internal factors influenced you to make the same purchase. Week 5 Discussion Question 1 Look around your home or office and select three products that you currently use (Think of something other than your cellphone or computer if you can). Briefly describe each product. How would you classify each product? When responding to your classmates, state if you agree or disagree with their classification and why. Do you think their product could be classified differently? If so, explain your reasoning. Week 5 Discussion Question 2 Consider the products you described and classified in DQ1. Using figure 8.3 on page 257 of the text as a guide, in what stage of product adoption do you think each of the products fall under? Do you use similar products as your classmates? Describe whether you agree or disagree with their assessment. Week 7 Discussion Question 1 Imagine that you are a mentor to a new employee at a marketing firm. The new employee is having trouble understanding what the term market communication really means. Using what you have learned, explain to the new employee how marketing communication can influence a buyer. Respond to your classmates’ answers by asking additional questions that a newcomer to marketing might ask. Is the explanation clear? Which areas do you understand? In what areas would you like more clarification? Week 7 Discussion Question 2 Search your local newspaper for advertisements and examples of pricing strategies. If you do not have access to a local newspaper, search for a newspaper online. What are two pricing strategies that you found in the advertisements? Describe the function the price serves for each product or service. When responding to your classmates, describe the steps the company likely followed when planning the price strategy described in the response. WEEK 9 Capstone Discussion Question Howhas learning about marketing concepts given you a better understanding ofthemarket place and how businesses and consumers make decisions? Has what youhavelearned about marketing increased your interest in a future career inmarketing? What do you value most from taking this course? Your response should be posted asanormal DQ response – disregard the prompt in the gradebook.

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