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Managing Online Learning. Last week you started

Managing Online Learning. Last week you started to create the online component of your blended course. This week, you build upon it and create a learning module. Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Create an Online Learning Module. Using the same process you used last week to create your Course Description, create a learning module. While in the edit mode and on the Homepage, add a “Content Area” and label it “Module 1.” To review how this is done, view the “Modifying the Course Menu” video within the “Getting Started with CourseSites” training under “Build.” Once you have created Module 1, you must add the following items to that module:

  • A description of the topics that Module 1 will cover.
  • An assignment to be completed. This can be an assignment of your choice. Just make sure that it relates to your course and the topic of the module and that you provide a full set of directions for students.
  • A link to a discussion forum that students will take part in. Make sure that you provide a complete discussion prompt that is relevant to your course and the topic of the module.

The description can be added from the “Build Content” dropdown and selecting “Item.” The Assignment can be added from the “Assessment” dropdown and selecting “Assignment.” The discussion forum can be added from the “Tools” dropdown and selecting “Discussion Board.” Step 2: Provide an Overview of Learning Management Systems. Use your textbook, the Internet, or other resources to research. Write a three-to five-page summary (not including title and references pages) of learning management systems. Be sure to:

  • Investigate and analyze at least three examples of established learning management systems. Distinguish whether the LMS you found is proprietary or open source. Point out some of the key features that the three examples share and features that are different
  • Research the benefits, availability, and accessibility of using different types of learning management systems.
  • Highlight the uses of the learning management systems and the techniques for using them effectively.
  • Provide a reflection (minimum 150 words) on your experience in working with the CourseSites LMS.
  • Provide a link to your CourseSites course.
  • Be sure to cite a minimum of three scholarly sources other than the textbook using proper APA formatting.

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