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Learning the terms acronyms and technologies of your business

Learning the terms acronyms and technologies of your business is imperative when trying to understand how technology can help your business. In this discussion we will examine these technologies terms and organizational strategies.The role of the business analyst or systems analyst is to help develop the systems that will solve problems using the business needs or requirements gathered from employees at various levels. As an informed user you should understand the value that these systems bring to an organization including staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and making informed decisions on new and improved technologies so management and the business/systems analysts can understand business needs/requirements.In the Wiley resource read the closing case IBMs Watson in the Summary and Closing section of Chapter 2. After reading the case study and completing additional independent research address the following:What is the role of technology in business?Provide an example (or examples) of a technology from the glossary being used in business.Respond to two of your peers initial posts and consider the following:What are some strategic advantages that the technology described by your peers can provide to a business?Provide examples of companies using the same technology and explain how they use it to gain a competitive advantage. Post the URL of the company you use.

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